Monday, May 3, 2010

Home sweet home

Chapter II - After my month long hiatus in organizing my US life anew, I am back!  Even though I don't like the word, I missed "blogging" as I do with most of my activities in South America.  It is nice to see my friends, sleep in my own bed, return to all the wonderful technological and American conveniences, but I yearn (and I don't often yearn) for my days south of the equator.  Things here are familiar and while that is always nice, the feeling of every day excitement has subsided.  The fervor and enthusiasm at the outset of every day when in South America has been replaced with the normality and commonplaceness of my life in NY.  It's weird to say that, as New York City is anything but common and predictable.  However, I've lived here for 9 years so even the most dynamic of places becomes the norm if you live there long enough.

In deciding whether or not to continue my blog, I have been thinking about what form I want it to take.  My first crack at it was a learning experience and kept my camera pinned to me most of the time.  I am expecting this chapter will have less pictures and storytelling.  Instead it will be more introspective and focus on thoughts and feelings since returning to the US and leaving the paradise that was Buenos Aires and the other cities I visited.  I am hopeful it will continue to be interesting and entertaining to those that are nice enough to take time out and read my posts.    

In addition, to the chagrin of those that don't watch the show, I will be writing about my favorite show of all time, LOST as the show nears its conclusion.  There are only 4 episodes left in the 6 roller coaster seasons it has been on the air so my goal is to capture my sentiments and ideas as they unravel the last mysteries of the show.  I'll only get one crack at this and I'm expecting big things as it ends once and for all.

My new blog will be viewable on a different address, same domain at  This is the first entry of it.  Thanks again to everyone that followed my first one.

Hope everyone has had a good winter and is enjoying an even better spring!

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