Thursday, March 3, 2011

It's the little things.

As my stolen summer days in Buenos Aires wind down I thought I'd take the camera out and document some of my travels around the city and what make it so great.  As Vincent says to Jules, "It's the little things...."

This is an ad on the side of the street for the recently released movie "No Strings Attached" (it was better than expected but I don't believe Natalie got any Oscar nominations or awards for this one).  Anyway, the poster made me laugh because literally translated it means "Friends with rights or benefits" which is pretty different to the English title even though the gist is the same.

Here is a picture from Puerto Madero a nice and very touristy spot of Buenos Aires.  Maybe it's the nearby buildings or brown water but if I didn't know any better, I could almost say it's the Thames River in London. Just on the other side of the river where I was standing was:

I don't believe the Thames has a Hooters on it.  The wings in Hooters are better than the articles in Playboy.

One nice thing about Buenos Aires these days is that this ad is everywhere.  That's Evangeline Lily (aka Kate from LOST).  It made me happy and simultaneously nostalgic for Lost but I won't get into that now.  

Taking a break from culture for a second I came across this guy:

Argentinos love their dogs just as much as New Yorkers do.  They just don't pick up after them nearly as much or effectively.  That is one little difference that I wish wasn't a difference at all.  Anyway, this dog looked like he had a beard and won for most adorable I had seen there or anywhere in a while.  

Switching gears, I found this restaurant in Palermo Soho which is one of my favorite spots in the city.   It takes its name from Soho of NYC and in my opinion is better.  This is an Aphrodisiac restaurant + the first one I've ever seen.  While I like the concept, I'm not sure it's so much the food as the wine that goes with it.  I've only heard of 2 foods that potentially have aphrodisiac qualities, oysters and chocolate, and oysters weren't even on their menu.  Still I applaud the novelty of the idea and hope they were fully booked on Valentine's day. 

Also in Palermo Soho was this band.  The trumpets and wooden guitar in the middle were a nice touch + there were around 100 people gathered around them on that day.  I stayed, listened for a bit and left fired up. 

And thus concludes my short stint in Argentina this year.  I must return to the northern hemisphere to go to the land of leprechauns and pots of gold for my next adventure.  I promise to have new and sharper quality pictures thanks to my sister.  Buenos noches amigos....